27 October 2017

What to expect when you visit bliss girls

Bliss Tantric is a massage agency in London that is popular for its beautiful massage therapists and their sensual massage techniques. When you’re in the city and would like to experience a good massage because you’re too stressed from work and other issues, this is the right place to go. However, if you haven’t experienced receiving an incall massage yet, it’s likely that you would want to know what's involved when you come to the Bliss Tantric massage studio before you can be confident enough to give us a call and arrange your booking.

What to Expect

Sensual massages can be performed either at the massage parlour (incall), or at your location (outcall). If you would like to visit the Bliss Tantric massage parlour, you will be provided with the exact location during your booking. When you get there, you will meet with your massage therapist for a short discussion about her services and how much it will cost you. The cost, though, must be clear to you as you should have discussed this with the operator when you called, you should also have seen it on the Bliss Tantric website. It's standard practice that payment is made before any massage begins, this should be made within the first 10 minutes of your booking time.

As a hygiene practice, you may be asked to have a shower; please don’t be offended by this. After the shower, you will be asked to undress while the masseuse begins preparing for the sensual massage. There will be soothing music, scented oil burners, soft lighting and aromatic candles around the massage area, setting the scene for your perfect tantric adventure.

The Techniques Involved

As mentioned above, sensual massage services may vary greatly in techniques. The dissimilarities will largely differ from one masseuse to another, but the element of tantra is ever present. Your massage therapist will tailor your massage to your personal tastes and your healing needs. All of our massages, except prostate and four hands massages, include a body to body massage in which the masseuse will slide her naked body against your equally naked form.

Exotic nuru massage gels will be used if you opted for a nuru massage. Other oils and gels, including aromatherapy oils, will be used as lubricants when you choose other forms of sensual massage. This experience is incredibly erotic, but can be appreciated when you try it. The therapist will move into different positions upon you so that she can caress your skin and every part of your body. Some massage therapists use the tip of their hair instead of a feather to fondle your skin for example, exquisitely exciting your sexual energy into action.

The session usually lasts for an hour, but you can have it extended if you want. Every incall massage will end with an energy release, as they are milked from your body as you reach your height of pleasure. At the end of the session, you will feel relaxed and content. You tend to enjoy the sensations that you felt during the massage and still feel even when it has ended.

If you’ve been tempted to make a booking, give us a call now and let us put you on our schedule. The above guides are sure help you in your first experience of an incall massage with our Bliss Tantric masseuses.