25 April 2017

Why Tantra?

If you can remember those tedious sex education lessons at school then you'll remember there are certainly lots of biological details about the birds and the bees, with all the dire warnings about pregnancy and STD's, and of course some of the emotional issues for those inexperienced. But, back then the world pleasure probably wasn't that was used to often. Of course while it is important highlight and warn some of the dangers but just as well it is important to remember that basis behind the intimacy that comes with such an experience. This will be even more significant in late teens as they begin to open to our sexuality.

While sexual contact is often described as that between two bodies, tantra takes such a basis to a whole new level of pleasure and satisfaction. With the release of tension and all round relaxation your mind can also start to reap the benefits of having a specially trained expert sensually exciting you in every possible way. London tantric massage explores how to truly enjoy, by avoiding the brief seconds of orgasm, and expanding on the idea of feeling the excitement rising to the heights of pleasure your body can endure, whilst keeping you at the point of feeling on top of the world.

Our lovely massueses are expertly trained, with many years of experience so that they know exactly how exactly how help you reach a point of enjoyment you never even thought possible. Every touch is purpously made to build towards reaching sensual bliss allowing you to enjoy every moment, without feeling like a single second is being wasted, otherwise resulting the best tantric massage London has to offer. You can choose from anyone of the varity of therapists we have, each of which with a different set of erotic massages for you to choose from. 

Whether it's your first, tenth or hundreth time every tantric experience should be special. With so many different ladies finding the perfect one for you should be easy. Of course we are here to help so if you want any extra information, all of which is yours if you simply give us a call. Why not book today right here at Bliss Tantric!